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International Scouts Gallery
We love International Scouts! Besides ScoutParts.com being a great place to find rare, discontinued, dead stock, and reproduced original replacement parts for Scouts and trucks... we know it all when it comes to America's best known classic truck: the International Harvester Scout! So below, we present a gallery of great photos of restored Scouts with all the bells and whistles.
NEW!   1964 IH "Red Carpet" Scout 80
Here it is, the rarest of the rare! Our new flagship, the 1964 IH Red Carpet Scout 80 has arrived! Scoutparts.com will spare no expense to ensure this Scout receives a full restoration.
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"Big-Red" Scout Photos
Here are more photos of ScoutParts.com's flagship Scout, First place winner at this years Snohomish Scout Round Up.

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"Big-Red" Scout Photos
Pictured here is ScoutParts.com's "Big-Red", after winning at local Washington restoration contest.

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"Greenie" & "Whitie" Scouts Photos
Pictured here is ScoutParts.com's very own "Whitie" and "Greenie" restored Scouts.

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Scout Trail Ride Video
Check out the wild antics by fellow Scout enthusiasts on this trail ride video.

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